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Overview of Horse Associations According to State, Breed & Discipline Page 2

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  Georgia Appaloosa Plsr   (4)
  Georgia Appaloosa Wstrn Prfmance   (3)
  Georgia Arabian Hntr   (3)
  Georgia Arabian Jmpr   (3)
  Georgia Arabian Wstrn Hrse   (4)
  Georgia Arabian Brl Rcng   (3)
  Georgia Arabian Png Clbs   (3)
  Georgia Arabian Plsr   (4)
  Georgia Arabian Wstrn Prfmance   (3)
  Georgia Hackney Wstrn Hrse   (3)
  Georgia Hackney Brl Rcng   (3)
  Georgia Hackney Png Clbs   (3)
  Georgia Hackney Plsr   (3)
  Georgia Hackney Wstrn Prfmance   (3)
  Georgia Morgan Wstrn Hrse   (3)
  Georgia Morgan Brl Rcng   (3)
  Georgia Morgan Png Clbs   (3)
  Georgia Morgan Plsr   (3)
  Georgia Morgan Wstrn Prfmance   (3)
  Georgia Pony Hntr   (3)
  Georgia Pony Jmpr   (3)
  Georgia Pony Drvng   (3)
  Georgia Pony Wstrn Hrse   (4)
  Georgia Pony Brl Rcng   (4)
  Georgia Pony Png Clbs   (3)
  Georgia Pony Plsr   (4)
  Georgia Pony Wstrn Prfmance   (4)
  Georgia Quarter Horse Hntr   (4)
  Georgia Quarter Horse Jmpr   (4)
  Georgia Quarter Horse Wstrn Hrse   (4)
  Georgia Quarter Horse Brl Rcng   (4)
  Georgia Quarter Horse Png Clbs   (3)
  Georgia Quarter Horse Plsr   (5)
  Georgia Quarter Horse Wstrn Prfmance   (4)
  Georgia Sport Horse Hntr   (4)
  Georgia Sport Horse Jmpr   (4)
  Georgia Sport Horse Wstrn Hrse   (4)
  Georgia Sport Horse Brl Rcng   (4)
  Georgia Sport Horse Png Clbs   (3)
  Georgia Sport Horse Plsr   (5)
  Georgia Sport Horse Wstrn Prfmance   (4)
  Georgia Tennesse Walking Horse Wstrn Hrse   (3)
  Georgia Tennesse Walking Horse Brl Rcng   (3)
  Georgia Tennesse Walking Horse Png Clbs   (3)
  Georgia Tennesse Walking Horse Plsr   (3)
  Georgia Tennesse Walking Horse Wstrn Prfmance   (3)
  Georgia Thoroughbred Hntr   (4)
  Georgia Thoroughbred Jmpr   (4)
  Georgia Thoroughbred Wstrn Hrse   (3)
  Georgia Thoroughbred Brl Rcng   (3)
  Georgia Thoroughbred Plsr   (4)
  Georgia Thoroughbred Wstrn Prfmance   (3)
  Georgia Warmblood Hntr   (4)
  Georgia Warmblood Jmpr   (4)
  Georgia Warmblood Wstrn Hrse   (4)
  Georgia Warmblood Brl Rcng   (4)
  Georgia Warmblood Png Clbs   (3)
  Georgia Warmblood Plsr   (5)
  Georgia Warmblood Wstrn Prfmance   (4)
  Illinois American Paint Wstrn Hrse   (4)
  Illinois American Paint Plsr   (3)
  Illinois American Paint Wstrn Prfmance   (4)
  Illinois Appaloosa Wstrn Hrse   (4)
  Illinois Appaloosa Reining   (3)
  Illinois Appaloosa Brl Rcng   (3)