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Horse Associations & Pony Clubs Directory

Associations, Pony Clubs and all club listings, for all breeds and disciplines!

A FEATURED Association  provides membership forms to print, a list of sponsored shows, Year End announcements with downloads, and Year End Results & photos. Describe your various yearly programs.

Featured also provides current News updates in real time.

Associations have often helped a breed or discipline to form, offer protection there after, handle registries and always, always deal with promotion and providing the public with answers to questions and facts. HSC makes it just a bit easier for horse associations to do their job.
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Featured Associations

Standard Associations
Susquehanna Valley Horse Show Association
Rocky Mountain Horse Association
Great Western Paso Fino Horse Association
CHC Inc. Christian Horse-lovers Club
Pony of the Americas Club, Inc
Iowa Quarter Horse Association
Arabian Horse Association of Maine, Inc.
Magnolia Arabian Horse Assoc., Inc.
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