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Horse Articles that assist in the training of horses and riders

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 Horse training articles are of great assistance to all who ride horses --  both for the rider who wishes to learn or the trainer who wishes to research solutions to train or re-train a horse with problems.  Actually it is true that all riders are trainers by virtue of the horse habituating this or that behavior, so horse training articles are always sought and always of value.

We are proud to offer on Horse Show Central , articles published by the oldest name in horse show magazines in America -- Saddle & Bridle Magazine.   The horse training articles below were written by this magazineÂ’s feature writers and are re-printed here with the permission of the magazine.  All articles are copyrighted by Saddle & Bridle.

Happy and fruitful reading !    You may also wish to visit the Saddle & Bridle website for current news of the world of show horses.

The Personal Half Halt
Standards in Riding Instruction
Is the Horse Broke, or Trained ?
Heart Rate Training for Horses
Failed Forward
Diagonal Fixation
Calm and Forward
Are You Guilty? A Checklist for every Barn.
Bitless Horse Training
Bitless Equipment & Horse Training
Claims about Horse Bits
Horse Training & Equine Warm Up
Warm Up Your Horse
Clock Gymnastic Cavalletti for Bending
The Horse & The Canter
Equine Rushing
Equine Rushing Part Two
Teaching Riders to Feel
Teaching Feel - Part Two
Longeing and Long Lining the Horse in Safety
Training the Horse for the Dentist
Mounting a Difficult Horse
Stretching Exercises for Aging Horse & Rider
The Aging Rider
Retraining the Walk