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Western Tack - To Need & Find, or to Sell

Close up view of the seat of a western saddle. To locate suppliers of Western Tack: visit the Shopping area of the site and use the online search facility to search by type of product, by company name, and by country or state within the United States. Companies from around the world offer tack supplies, saddles, and equipment particular to uses in their countries that may be helpful in your own.

Retail tack shops, manufacturers, from the largest companies to custom offer details about their products and links to their own websites. Some offer discounts or wholesale. Some specialize in gold, silver or silver plate designs. Many ads include photos and prices, reviews and access to catalogs.


To promote Western Tack products offered by your company simply create your Western Horse Tack listing, yourself. Once you login you will be provided with a private administration page from which you can add and edit or update your listings, with direct links to your own website.

There are many tools available online that you will have the option to use uploads, images, docs, pdfs, listing your trade show dates and locations, etc. There is also a counter that provides totals of unique hits (the numbers of people who actually read your ad). Usually the more complete and attractive the ad, the more folks are inclined to read and click to visit your own site.


Western tack always includes saddles, saddle parts, saddle pads and blankets, bridles, bridle parts, bits, hackamores, martingales, halters, and a host of other items needed in a life with horses. The term tack comes from the expression to tack up your horse, and traditionally encompasses those items needed to do just that. However most tack shops cover a wide variety of items. There are champs, snaps, spurs and spur straps, whips, lead ropes, lariats and well the list is almost endless.

The Western saddle, which was designed for ranch hands who spent all day in the saddle, is one of the most important and individual of items included in Western tack. If a saddle was not comfortable for both horse and rider, the cowboy could not do his job.  In today s modern world the style of the Western saddle meets the demands of each individual Western style of riding or discipline. There are barrel racing saddles that don t poke the horse in the side going round a barrel; the low, sloping seat of the Western pleasure saddle; the deeper seat of the Equitation saddle; saddles for roping and cutting, with stirrup leathers that are hung farther forward so the ride can push forward and brace when necessary, to name only a few.


Western tack for parade is very ornate and for show can be pretty fancy too. The designs are often quite personal and individual. There are many famous makers of custom saddles and other gear, and again we refer you to the Shopping area of this site.

The Western bridle is most commonly a simple headstall with a curb bit and reins, but they can get pretty fancy too, with rolled leather and silver trim. Some Western riders prefer the hackamore that while bitless, acts on the horse s nose, and there are various kinds : mechanical, a sidepull, a jumping hackamore, a bosal or a mecate.


Mechanical - has no bit, but does have shanks that create leverage when the reins are pulled and acts on the nose, jaw and poll of the horse.

Sidepull - has a noseband usually made with one or two pieces of nylon lariat material and the reins attach to rings on the noseband, but no leverage is created.

Jumping - has a thick noseband, a strap under the jaw and creates no leverage. This hackamore closely resembles an English bridle but lack a bit.

Bosal - made from braided rawhide, and fits around the nose in a teardrop shape with the smaller end forming a rawhide knob.

Mecate - has a rope attaches to the bosal above the knob and pressure with the reins brings the knob up against the sensitive jaw of the horse while causing the top of the bosal to press against the nose.

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