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Riding Apparel Always Needed, Always Sold

People wearing Saddle Seat, Western and Hunting apparel. >Manufacturers of custom Riding Apparel and companies who sell apparel are able to be located on this website by type of product, company name , and country or state, by using the online search facility in the Horse Related Businesses area of the site. Within that area you will find individual listings run by companies specifically for RIDING APPAREL. Each of these ads describes the style and item(s) of apparel offered and provides information on how to contact that company. Very often, the companies also provide photos and pricing in their listings.

If you wish to make known to others, your company's sales and provision of riding apparel,you may join our database users and CREATE YOUR OWN LISTING, yourself, and you may edit and update the listing at your own convenience throughout the year.

Since all who show horses in any area of competition must also wear the proper riding apparel, Horse Show Central provides information about those clothiers who offer apparel for all aspects of competition as well as at home utility wear.


From the days when humans first began to ride the horse with any frequency, the clothes people wore when riding had a serious job to do and fashions have largely been dictated by functionality and improvement in materials and fabrics. Safety and comfort are also undeniable features. The job of the horse was paramount and the rider s task to aide the horse in his work has given rise in various countries and cultures to many style of riding apparel.

If you think of the job of a hunter, you will quickly see the reasons for breeches and a protective helmet, whereas these same basic clothing ideas are altered in the saddle suit attire for many breeds of show horses (a more flowing elegant style of jod and a lower boot, a softer derby). The riding apparel of the cowboy also evolved as the most practical and comfortable for the work to be done, with a wide-brimmed hat, looser trousers, perhaps chaps, and a cotton neck square that severed many purposes. However, along with practicality and safety, style has also had its way through the years of our association with the horse and the changes while hardly those of the high fashion world are still sought after by consumers.

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