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Locating or Promoting Horse Health Products Services

Close up of the face of a healthy bay, showing the eye. Horse health products or services are required in your position as a horse owner, trainer or care-giver. HSC responds to these needs by offering various company and supplier listings.

The company and suppliers who list on HSC, offer  varied medicines and natural care items, including nutritional supplements, prescriptions, wormer, vaccines, natural healing, therapy, hoof and coat care, and more, encompassing a wide range of horse health products & services topics to ensure the care, longevity, and comfort of your horse.


To locate these varied supplies and services, visit the Shopping section of the site and use the online search facility. You may search by country, state within the United States, or by supplier name. Links to individual company websites often allow you to locate reviews of products, wholesalers as well as retailers and sometimes discounts.

It is our goal to facilitate the connection between buyer, seller and service provider and expand the knowledge of a range of horse health products & services that is ever-growing in its attempts to address the health and comfort of horses of all ages, whatever their needs or within whatever discipline they are used as well as attempts to rescue or provide healthy retirement of the animal.


If you wish to make known to others, your own equine health product, company, or health service, you may join our database users and create your own horse health products services listing, yourself, and you may edit and update the listing at your own convenience throughout the year.


If you have an article you wish to submit that contains horse-industry useful and informative text on the topic of equine health, please email with Horse Health Products Services in the subject line of the email. We do require that the article not be published elsewhere on the internet only original material of actual worth to the horse owner is published. We respect copyright and always credit the author and carry a direct link also, if there is an accompanying established and appropriate website.

Look for many topics and useful information concerning the health of the horse to be added here in the future. It is our intention to enlarge this area of the site with the goal of providing good and useful horse health information and resources for horse owners.

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