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Horse Barns are of Interest to ALL Horse-People

Horse and dog in front of a barn. The demand for horse barns has increased with the increase of interest in what horses offer us economically, socially and personally. The construction of housing and riding areas for horses are as specialized as the many ways in which we enjoy horses, and the variety is almost endless and the types and styles of riding, sporting and competitive disciplines, as well as agricultural uses and therapeutic uses, are extremely numerous and well populated all over the world.


If you wish to make known to others, your own services for the plans or construction of horse barns, you may join our database users and create your own listing for Horse Barns, and you may edit and update the listing at your own convenience throughout the year.


Indoor and outdoor arenas, grooming areas, training and lesson area, breeding facilities, sporting tracks oh the list is almost endless, and the styles and magnitude of the construction coming under the title of Horse Barns is vast. Architects and construction companies are kept almost as busy supplying the various horse industries and owners as they are supplying houses for people.

There are manufacturers of prefabricated and custom horse barns including shed row, gable, and equestrian barns. Blueprints are advertised on the internet as well as individual company services. Barns exist from simple to complex, from basic establishment to mansion.

Certain requirements remain basic for housing for horses. Some amount of windbreak is needed, be it one wall or housing fit for kings. Certain footing or flooring has proven better for the health and soundness of horses and most often drainage of floor materials for cleanliness is a consideration, if the horse is indoors. Also a minimum amount of space is required and often heat within the building is a consideration for the well-being of the animals housed. Speaking of heat, the hazard and prevention of fire is of extreme and ongoing importance.

Most horse barns reflect the traditions of the people who built them. Some barns attest to the owner's tastes or, wealth. All barns reflect either the trends or needs of the day and sometimes very unorthodox ideas about agriculture.

Horse barns have less openings, less windows and doors than other buildings, but the used of interior space is quite unique when compared to other structures. This space can be rows of stalls and aisles or vast openness still under roof and walking into a barn one tends to be struck by the character of that particular building immediately. However the positioning, size and shape of windows lends to the unique character of every individual barn.


The shape of barns and the material(s) used in construction convey their character , which includes the shape and style of the roof as well as the walls. The roof of a barn is often visible from a distance.; The strength, solidity and permanence of horse barns are a result of the ruggedness or durability of materials used in their construction and help to establish their character over time as much as when newly built.

Decorative design elements are not as stark as on other types of construction, yet they exist in horse barns too.  Often the design elements are created by structural elements, like beams, or patterns of functional equipment as well as variations in texture of materials and of course colors used inside and out.

Many horse barns around the world are historic landmarks and have been preserved by individual, associations and corporations and more than a few are tourist attractions.

There is much to consider when buying or building a horse barn and even more to consider if one is attempting to restore a barn. There exist a large variety of builders who offer a wide range of products and services.


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