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Horse Products: Goods and Services

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If we look at the impact of horse products as businesses with their direct goods and services, it certainly is ahead of industries that you would think are major impacts in our societies globally. It's higher than motion picture making and only slightly behind such things as radio and television broadcasting! The value of direct goods and services produced is vast, as is the number of full-time equivalent jobs, and those include veterinarians, feed and tack stores, etc.

Beginning with the partnership of man and horse, then with the explosion of the systematic development of breeds, equine products have expanded at an ever increasing rate to provide and improve all things connected with care and health, the enhancement of performance, and of utility in our modern world.

The sporting competition aspect alone has an incredible economic impact with many hundreds of thousands of employees and products. Then of course several millions of horses in the world are used for recreation and ridden for pleasure and they need a large number of products also.

Fortunately, today, the horse's role in American society is different than it was in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Due to the horse owners' dedicated commitment and the ongoing evolution of products, horses today enjoy a higher standard of living, and a longer and more useful life.