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English Riding Apparel, the correct attire

Adults and children in formal Saddle Seat and Hunt Jump apparel.

English Riding Apparel and the custom clothiers and companies that sell correct attire and accessores, may be located by using our online search facility in the Shopping area of this site, and may be located by type of product, by company name, and by country or state. Each ad describes the style and item(s) of Equestrian Apparel offered and provides information on how to contact that company. Photos, detailed description of products and pricing are often included. Investigate the top custom clotheirs across the world, right here on Horse Show Central.

If you wish to run an ad to promote your company's English Riding apparel and/or accessories, you may join our database users and create your listing, yourself and you may edit and update the ad at your own convenience throughout the year, and include: direct links to your own site, and update your show schedule providing constant real time information as to where people may visit you for fittings.

The custom of appearing in the show ring dressed in the correct attire is almost as old as the custom of showing horses. HSC provides in depth listings of the both the makers and the sellers of proper attire for show, work or pleasure.

English riding apparel is perhaps a bit more conservative than Western, and for sure is more formal; often based on long tradition, such attire also is geared to the demands of specific performance, such as show horse classes in the ring, to hunting, jumping, eventing, dressage, and endurance. There is also proper attire for driving. While requirements for this or that class can vary of course, and in some instances. daytime can vary from night attire, safely is paramount for all riders, so our business section ads will include helmets and boots with a proper heel to keep feet from sliding through English stirrups.

English riding apparel is always suitable for specific classes or events and is on the whole attire that complements the horse and does not distract from the performance of the horse. Riders with long hair always pull the hair backward and secure it neatly. Females frequently use a neat bun, and hair nets are recommended.

While class or event requirements may vary somewhat there are a few general guidelines.

English Riding Apparel for the Hunter, Jumper and Dressage Competition:
For the Hunter, helmets are a must. Coasts are conservative in color and jodhpurs are light in color. Shirts are white or pastel with a white stock tie or choker. Hunt boots are tall and black.

For the Jumper, the attire is basically the same as that of the Hunter, with light or white breeches, but the coat is black or scarlet in FEI classes.

In the beginning levels or lower levels of Dressage, a hunt cap, bowler or derby hat and black gloves is standard, along with the usual black hunt books with dressage tops. Spurs are optional. The breeches are white and the hunt coat, black. Shirts are white with a white stock tie or choker. Upper levels, or FEI level, sees a formal coat with tails. The hat is a top hat. The gloves are white. Spurs become mandatory. All else is the same as is worn in the lower levels of competition.

English Riding Apparel for Saddle Seat riding:
Various breeds have slightly different requirements, but jodhpurs and coat is mandatory, with dark jodhpur boots. Colors of fabric have traditionally been laid back, but these days color in the coat is not only acceptable but often seen, although the traditional solid color riding habit is most standard. Vests, or the three piece suit is the norm. A Derby is the hat of choice for females during daytime classes with the more formal top hat used at night. Dark gloves are used during the day and if wearing a formal suit at night, the gloves are white. Evening or formal riding habits always use a white shirt. Spurs are always optional. Whips and crops are optional except for some equitation classes. Boutonnieres are often worn on coats. Tie downs to keep jodphurs down, and neat looking are both standard and functional.

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