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Horses and written articles of horse history

Horse History site area logo: Close up of a very old historical snaffle bit.

 Horse history has evolved through man’s need, use and love of the horse and his historical partnership with the horse over centuries. Much has been written of this or that famous horse in both times long past or not so long ago. It is also true  and of equal interest in history, that sometimes such tales simply speak of the bond between horse and man, rather than of a famous individual.

The oldest name in show horse publications in the United States, Saddle & Bridle magazine, has generously agreed to allow Horse Show Central to reprint many of their horse history articles. All articles were written by the magazine’s featured authors and all articles are copyrighted by the magazine.

In sharing the love of horses , facts and sentiments of horse history, we wish you much pleasure, fact-finding and entertainment.

If you are seeking up to date news of the show world, you may also wish to visit
the Saddle & Bridle website.

Traveller and Robert E. Lee
Sefton, Battle of a War Horse
Ronald, Heroic War Horse of the Charge of the Light Brigade
Riding Habits & Tradition
Paul Revere and Brown Beauty
Paths of Glory Lead Where?
Owney - Story of a Famous Traveling Dog
Marengo and Napoleon
INCITATUS & Caligula
Historic Stud Farms in Prussia & London
Greyhound - Harness Racing Champ
Driving Sleighs
Copenhagen and the Duke Of Wellington
Cloning Horses
Castleton Farm - A Continuing Legacy
Black Bess & Dick Turpin
BUCEPHALAS & Alexander the Great