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Over 2000 horse shows including: open or all-breed horse shows; events for a single breed; competitions for a specific discipline; local, state, national and international horse shows.

Horse Shows and Events

Horse Shows by name, or country, state, month, date, breeds, disciplines and even types of classes offered. Featured shows can provide entry banks, schedule, prize list, feed & bedding downloads, current news all year, and even more.
5 Gaited American Saddlebreds on the rail offer stiff competition at all Ky State Fair World's Championship Horse Shows. Cutting horse showing his incredible action in a tough class. Road horses showing speed over green tanbark and on the rail. Horse and rider making the jump in Cross Country Eventing competition. Popular at Horse Shows, Arabian costume entry - white horse, rider in maroon velvet.
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Stables by breed, discipline, country & state, PLUS every service stables offer.
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People offer the show services shows need. No skilled show services, no events!
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Horse-related businesses by state and type of product. Like Riding Apparel.
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Associations by breeds, disciplines & geographic regions or national.
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Locate horse shows: search, find 2017 horse shows near me, plus upcoming shows, those who offer many monthy shows, or CURRENT SHOWS THIS MONTH, Apr, or just shows by month :

FREE FEATURED listings for all Horse Rescue orgs, by state, and by breed when appropriate, or all breeds.
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Horse breeds, Draft breeds, Pony Breeds, rare horse breeds. The most popular: Mustang and Wild Horses.
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Riding styles & disciplines: with sections on English style riding disciplines and Western style riding disciplines.
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American Saddlebred, Product of 250 yrs of selective breeding, view Saddlebred Stables & Saddlebred Stallions.
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What are horse shows, other than a gathering of two or more horses or ponies with their riders, drivers, or handlers on the ground, to test levels of skill and ability often including the physical conformation of the animal. A judge or judges rate the competitors, also a clock if the competition involves speed.

Just about anything a horse with rider or driver can accomplish can be the focus of competitions called horse shows, and showing allows an increased experiential honing of horse and rider performance. Horse shows provide learning and keen competition, but also the fun of sharing with friends and meeting new friends, while providing a community of resources, life time friendships, and support.