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Our main purpose is placing exhibitors and horse shows together on the internet. Therefore, HSC makes locating shows easy, and allows you to read ads placed and updated by each show. All shows are listed in multiple ways, just to make things so easy - by name, country, state, date, the breeds for which classes are offered, plus the actual types (and/or disciplines) of classes offered.
However, since horse shows are linked in life to stable owners, trainers, instructors and stallion owners, and since everyone at some point has horses for sale, HSC also provides an entire site section for each of these.

HorseShowCentral is a central watering hole for the entire industry.
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Horse Shows Ribbon image. Locating Horse Shows - Search and find by country, month, state, breeds, disciplines and even types of classes offered. Featured shows can provide entry banks, schedule, prize list, feed & bedding downloads and a whole lot more.

A Note to All Horse Shows:

Exhibitors want to know what you have to offer them, so 'tell them'; talk to them, include all you can. Traffic on HorseShowCentral is huge every month of the year and exhibitors pour over the show ads. HSC provides a real time news area for featured shows. Use this tool to talk to your current and potential exhibitors and attract audiences too. As soon as you know the next year's start date, be sure to change the dates on your ad!!! Be current, offer downloads and print outs, even up to 3 entry blanks, post judges, or added classes, or featured and/or special classes and extra events or parties that take place during the show, upload results, or even an 'after the show' wrap up article. It's good for everyone to promote your show news.

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Horses For Sale
Horseshoe photo introducing Horses for Sale promo.Horses for Sale: by Breed, by Country, or by USA state. Add your standard listing today FREE (with photo). Edit regularly and watch your ad climb to the top. This section provides a multi-level search with large photos. You can choose to upload one or more videos plus stills for a slide show! There is the usual pedigree chart, but also a rider suitability and a sale horse performance level chart to help both seller and potential buyer.
Properties for Sale
Property real estate for horses. Horse Property By State - Real Estate for sale. Used by real estate agents, brokers and owners
Featured Property
Well Designed Show Horse Training BarnWell Designed Show Horse Training Barn
Exceptional 5-yr-old show horse training facility on 56 acres. Suitable for most...
alike, with Multiple/List Coop Numbers.
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The listing format is
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Stables | Farms | Ranches
Horse Shows Stable and foal. Directory for Stables by Breed, or Discipline, by country or State, PLUS every stable service
Featured Stable
DeLovely Farm, Inc.DeLovely Farm, Inc.
In the DeLovely Tradition
offered to the public. Many want lessons! Some need training others just a place to board, or maybe only a rental. Want to find that perfect ranch for a vacation? A featured slot offers space to promote everything your barn is about, like maybe special care. Do you host camps, or in-house shows? Whatever you do or have.
Stallions at Stud
The face of stallions. Stallions at Stud: From standard promotion to lush layouts with tons of data, even stock
Featured Stallion
Perfect TimingPerfect Timing
A high quality stallion, animated, good temperament. A former S.A. National Two Year Old...
for sale by your stallion. Of course you want to use photos and videos. Most Importantly we provide charts for the stallion’s AND progeny performance history.

Locate by Breed, by Discipline, and more.
Show Services
Services for Horse Shows Ribbon. Horse Show Services - Listings for those who provide services for horse shows. Can you
Featured Show Service
Creative Spirit PhotographyCreative Spirit Photography
A collection of exquisite equine photographs by Chryse Veit, official photographer for...
think of how many different jobs it takes to make shows happen? Find the folks here who have the skills that shows always need!
Horse-Related Businesses
Trailer photo to introduce horse-related businesses.Horse-Related Business Directory. An entire range of equestrian, horse-related businesses by state
Featured Business
Sport Horse DesignsSport Horse Designs
We offer stock designs and custom logos in high quality crystals on shirts, jackets and...
and type of product. Looking for gifts or jewelry? Maybe You need a piece of Tack real quick, or your horse needs a farrier. Everyone needs riding aparel at some time. The list of businesses here is large and varied !
Horse Shows Associations via friendly horses.Associations - Clubs: - Sorted by breeds, disciplines and geographic region (state, several
Featured Association
United Professional Horsemen's AssociationUnited Professional Horsemen's Association
We invite you to join us in our successful and ongoing efforts within 50 of the United...
states or national).

Featured Associations
list their shows too, plus
banquets and year end awards if they wish.
Mustang photo for Breeds list.Horse Breeds alphabetical lists! Many are called 'Light', then there are the large 'Draft' or the small 'Pony'. Some are based on color, and everyone wants to know which are considered more English or Western. Within all of these are the rare breeds, sadly almost extinct. The most popular page deals with the Mustang or other Wild Horses.